Peter parker x spider reader. However, darkness and isolation begins to consume Peter. Summary: After a strange incident involving a light in an alley, you encounter Spiderman, only to realise he’s not your Spiderman. Prototype (Part 3) | Reader x Peter Parker. Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader [Female pronouns are used but not much] Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of Pain [ and Satans Waterfall] etc. He’s alone in a world that has no idea who he is. Peter Parker x reader by Cheshire Cat. You were fed up with Peter and your patience with him had run out. He becomes calm for a little bit, only to realise that it wasn’t Liz who came. Cuddles: Peter Parker x Reader cergia. 2k+. "It's because I can't stand losing you!" I sobbed. this series contains NO WAY HOME SPOILERS. At night, she sneaks off, constantly searching for criminals to fight. Major spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Peter had seen you leave class, so he ducked out . Prompt: The reader is looking for a good nickname for Peter, knowing he is Spider-Man, and comes up with a rather embarrassing one. So it was no wonder when people got to know his little secret - you. When you got to the building Jarvis recognized you and let you enter, you rode the elevator up to the top floor. text post. While behind the mask, Peter and Y/N, aka, Spider-Man and SuperNova are the most elite team ever and . Warnings: Swearing, ONE homophobic slur & Reader being very cute about and to Peter. not a competition. He could feel she was tense and she turned around facing him confirming his suspicions. You groaned as you realised you had school today, and got dressed before trudging to the kitchen. Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader. You really had. Warnings:Swearing, hurt!reader, sad!reader, angst. The sentences in bold are verbally spoken and the sentences in italics are spoken through ASL. Peter starts off the story watching over reader as she sits in her room because its been a slow night and peter wants to keep her safe. That's when I lost it. As a result of a radioactive spider bite, high school student Peter Parker developed powers and special abilities similar to that of a spider. I continued stitching him up through my clouded vision. With her short hair that was always hid underneath her hood or baseball cap, and her tough, aggressive, and boyish personality, some may find it difficult to identify whether she was a girl or a boy. The both knew of Peter being Spider-Man, but due to . Go home, the voice in your head whispers. ”. clintbarton. Note: This one-shot focuses more on the relationship between Tony . Pairings: Peter Parker x Male!Reader / Tony Stark (dad) x Reader (son) Warnings: Swearing, fluff and angst - bullying, one punch is thrown and Peter is an idiot . Word Count: 1,019. Noticing his dilemma, Tony decides to give his input and advise Peter, his experiences with the women in his life coming to mind. “Nice to meet you,”. Language: English Words: 14,413 Chapters: 4/4 . But (Name) was always comfortable with . ) word count: 536. Peter ignores Reader, Mj reveals a secret. writers group beta reader send me a Dad did his best to take care of me but his job demanded a lot Prompt/Summary: Tony Stark’s daughter gets cheated on # peter parker # peter parker x reader # peter parker imagine # peter parker angst # peter parker fluff # spiderman # spiderman imagine # spiderman homecoming # Spider Man: Homecoming # tom holland x reader . Summary: Sixteen-year-old Peter found his soulmate and now he’s really excited about it. So he decides to help her raise the baby as his own. Warning: Angst, Open-ended ending. The Beginning [P. Except for Peter, that is. A/N: Yes, this is the prologue and I am also using it as the teaser. Summary: After a long night, the Reader falls asleep, Peter next to her. com/post/179756326471/the-other-side-of-peterHope you enjoyed Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader. Confession|P. His eyes scanned her. A deep ache that travels up his sternum and bubbles up his throat in the form of a low sob. ”You know he likes you to,he’s pretty much putty in your hands”she teased as she . Little White Lies- Peter Parker x Reader. Peter Parker, her best friend and secret . Sort by: Hot. He couldn’t stay for the night (your parents looked at him strangely even when they got back home and met him there), but he phoned you whenever he could. European Adventure Part 5 - Peter Parker x Reader. ”I am not in love with him”I replied blush covering my cheeks as I looked away from her. You asked to use the restroom and ran down the hallway, grabbing your bag and books from your locker. Peter had seen her a few times; along the halls, in some of his classes and in the cafeteria. During the first few years in college, May Day Parker feels like a normal girl , though she may be spidergirl it's actually an easy life for her. I cared for this boy. “Yeah,” he laughed, reaching over the liquid to retrieve his mixture. Normal (Peter Parker X F!Danvers!Reader) Summary: Being a Danvers, your normal is something akin to a science fiction novel. Word Count: 525. Stark And The Spider by J. Also little Ned’s confidence is like 10/10. Wake up, go to school, get harassed by Flash, Spidey-Stuff, go home, do it all again. You saw Ned and Betty’s gondola speeding towards you. You were sure you loved him, and he loved you more than his own life. Since. [0. # 5. P • Pairing: Peter Parker x girlfriend;reader • when you get mad, at the fact that Peter is keeping something from you, he finally decides to tell you his secret Peter was in baggy sweatpants, a cap on backwards, had a fake tattoo sleeve, a white tank top and a grey hoodie. His cheeks stained with tears, his eyes stung and hair was a mess from pulling at it. When you had found out your best friend Peter was Spiderman, you instantly wanted to be involved, in any way that you could. Warnings:mentions of injuries and wounds. “Top of the class, even. After getting kicked out of school and following the wrong crowd your mother sends you to live with your father - at least you're away from her layabout boyfriend. Title: Spider Boy (daughter of Tony! reader x Peter Parker) Summary: Tony Stark’s teen daughter goes with her father to recruit the infamous Peter Parker, a nervous high schooler who happens to be adorable. You decided to just go home, you didn’t think you could handle your peers today. Missed Opportunities. When a spell goes wrong, dangerous foes from other worlds start to appear, forcing Peter to discover what it truly means . The door creaked open, revealing the man Peter needed. “And I’m Aaron. 2K 49 8. The constant arguing seems to be a major turn off, but when it comes to Peter and Y/N, the idea of living together didn’t seem all repulsive. Miles Morales x Reader. Wordcount: 1,185. How you wish he’d get that close to you. “Morning, Y/n,” Bucky said. (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 4 of 12 Days of Christmas 3 years ago Notes: Here it is, part 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas series for Peter! Part 5 will be up shortly, thank you guys so much for the endless support! You guys are a blessing. 4 years ago, ; 5,202 notes peter parker imagine peter parker x reader peter parker peter parker smut peter parker x you peter parker edit imagines tom holland x reader tom holland imagine tom holland smut tom holland tom spiderman spidermanhomecoming spiderman imagine spiderling avengers tony stark peter parker x stark!reader Deadly Sins Fiction Series deadly sins seven deadly sins Can’t . 2M 128K 68. ‘Did you know, you are really cute when you are scared’. Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (Female) Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 Summary: (Y/N) never understood science based subjects, despite putting all her efforts into studying them. Pairing: Peter Parker x Chubby!Female!Reader. this is my first time posting my stuff on . He snaps. And also because I love his portrayal. Dark Webs Masterlist (Dark! Peter Parker x Reader) SYNOPSIS: Peter Parker dealing with the aftermath of his father-figure no longer around. Life goes on around him and he continues on as the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Prompt: “Your notes are really cute, but I swear that somebody will see them and then I’ll be super embarrassed. I let out a sigh as I watched Peter from across the cafeteria,”Could you be any more in love with him?”Mj asked a smirk on her face. Peter Parker x Gender Neutral Reader - Relationship. There the doors opened and you exited, when you looked to the living room you found Steve and Tony on the couch. viper - peter parker x fem!venom!reader | DISCONTINUED; in which you cope without your late father figure and earn a resentful ally with a spider-boy, that grows into a great mutual . ActionInfinity. Keep reading. Tony introduced me to the woman named May and I smiled back at her. “Hey look, I, uh. Yup. The reader is an orphan and has the power to make portals. Word Count: 1575. Summary: Spider-Man is assigned to bring you to meet Nick Fury and Tony Stark, but it won’t be easy. They became best friends and she started to sit with Ned and him at lunch. He occasionally stares at you hoping you would notice, and when you didn’t he nudges you repeatedly with his foot. “Mmm, actually, I’m pretty smart,” he says, settling his hands on your waist and pulling you between his legs. Summary: How does Peter react when one of your little secrets slip? A Stark!? Peter Parker x Reader Prophet || Peter Parker x Reader by dylan 80. The youngest Dutton child has been crushing on her for years. peter parker x reader, fluff, angst, friends to lovers, mutual pining, hurt/comfort, self love, est. “Karen, play the playlist,” a quiet, empty Peter demands, pulling his mask down over his face. Summary: You’re convinced that your best friend is your soulmate. I wasn’t worried as I let the waitress lead me to our booth in the corner of the crowded restaurant. Miles motioned towards the limp Spider-Man, who was about halfway through your window. Peter froze in his place like a reindeer caught in headlights. You and . He would put his finger under your chin, tilting your head up so he could look at you. “Oh,” you released Peter’s arm, taking a measured step back, “well, shit. Warnings: Umm swearing. She exited her room, to meet her horny visitor. part 2. . Missed Opportunities (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 3 of 12 Days of Christmas 3 years ago Notes: Here’s the 3rd part to the 12 Days of Christmas series for Peter Parker! Be looking out for the next chapters tomorrow, you guys rock! Summary: Sometimes study dates don’t go as planned. Spider-Man Sunday?Gender neutral readerSongs that don't deserve to be in the background because they're so good!: MOSHi - dead feelings (Ikigai) - Link:. Some people have tattoos, others have counters or red strings. an evening in your apartment . There’s a silence between them, Strange staring at the young man in front of him before opening the door a little wider and allowing him inside. You’re Tony’s daughter too (it’s hinted at) (If you want me to write a different fic where Tony is more innolved, as in they probs get caught, i’ll do that. He’s happy to help in whatever way he can. Source: spooky-spider-boi. “Come on Y/N, I’m bored. 2K Stories. On February 25, 2017 February 26, 2017 By writersmile In Peter Parker X Reader Shorts “Peter, move your hand a little to the right. But now that you and your older sister have moved to Earth permanently, it’s about time you got settled in. Your timer says otherwise. You have a world to save. She smiled and let Tony in. Word Count: 2. The . Peter Parker Masterlist. After Peter's selfishness indirectly resulted in the death of his beloved Uncle Ben, Peter decided to live up to the motto that "With great power there must also come great responsibility," and thus became the superhero known as Spider-Man. Reader is drop dead gorgeous by his standards and one of the smartest girls in his grade. Peter is laying on his side, his head resting on his arm as he scrolls through his news feed. It covered most things but her legs. Kids at school bullied her, her father, Tony Stark, was disappointed in her, and the Avengers looked the other way. to the point! You were sitting with him, on the couch . Prompt No. Peter’s brown eyes wore a dark expression, one I hadn’t seen much before. Stark's outraged voice, i laugh, taking a long chug of his drink. Note: Peter Parker x Bug universe. ”He replied pressing a kiss. Warnings: fluff, young kids. I was thinking that the reader is a vigilante by night and tries to keep a low profile so people don’t know . [peter parker x reader] part 1. Peter joked, coughing. Tagged: #Tom Holland #peter parker #x reader #reader insert #spider man #spiderman homecoming #imagine #preference #one shot #drabble #request #open #tags #masterlist #tag listing #fluff #angst #ships #shipping #exams #school #music #tags for likes #TAGS FOR REBLOGS #marvel #avengers #aunt may #may parker #tony stark #iron man pairings: peter parker x reader a/n: so many people encouraged me to post this so thank u so much <3 the reader is female in this just because of the plot and stuff so im sorry to all of my non-female readers :( if y’all like this i’ll definitely write some more and try to make them gender neutral. Probably up some blood. “May, this is (Y/N), my ward. 1]- “That’s how it all began. “I love you” I mumbled. " Peter ," he hears the echo of your voice somewhere to his left, but he can't understand what you're saying. You hit your hand on the counter, screaming, letting out another cry. Peter pulled you closer by the waist and you hummed in content. Window Peter Parker x f!reader w/c: 1k+ Warning: swearing, Summary: Peter’s been distant and you think he is going to break up with you, until one night he wants you to open your window. A huge monster came bursting out of the water. It was a Wednesday and you decided to go get Peter so you two could walk to school together. He loved seeing you all over him. tumblr. A/N: im backkkkk! im so sorry for the delay but i went to a music festival and got absolutely wrecked and now college has gone back so uploads wont be as frequent but i hope you all enjoy this part! Originally posted by tom-hollcnd Search: Peter Parker X Reader Dad. You didn’t even notice Peter at first, as he was sitting in the chair furthest to the door, and when you did, the face you made made him flinch. Teen Peter Parker; spider-man x reader; peter parker x reader - Freeform; Summary. 8K 2. Daddy's girl (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader) Tony was not the person someone would call a good father figure - frankly it was quite the opposite. Hot. You were so absorbed in your book that you didn’t even . All while you’re dealing with boy drama and partnering up with your friendly neighborhood Spider-man to fight crime. “Fine fine,” he chuckled, running a hand through his brown curls. You were frenemies with Peter Parker and best friends with spotspidey on instagram. A/N: established relationship; cursing; fluff; sexual innuendo; some light teasing; nudity; oral sex; it’s smutty; based on this request; mentions of food; light bondage (aka . Words: 1056 Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader Featuring: Natasha Romanoff Warnings: talk of being captured and experimented on Requested by: camila1818 "hey could I have a Bucky or Spider-Man imagine where you are spider girl and one of them is totally in love with you and saves you during a mission? thanks! " A Spiders Web - Peter parker x reader Fanfiction Peter has a secret he's Spider-Man well that and he has a crush on his best friend. Dark Past. When he finally ran into you the second time, you were stretched across a park bench reading a book. peter parker / you. This is a Peter Parker/ spiderman x reader. Peter stood next to her rummaging through his locker. “You win. Spider Kiss. ” You say fusing a metal sheet onto your robot. Your doom- your kryptonite- it all came about because of a nervous apology and an equally nervous greeting. The famous (Y/N) Stark, only daughter of the even more famous Tony Stark, and therefor, sole heir to the Stark’s fortune. Peter x Reader. Peter Parker x fem! reader. 4K 20. Originally posted by holyhellholland. Peter Parker x Male!Reader Pt 3 After the whole thing, you decide to spend the day with Wade. He doesn’t know why but something about the way you walked, talked, and breathed just irked the fuck . (Fluff) a/n:. At least, before he met you. You woke up on a Monday morning in your bed in the tower. I got up and left. Summary: You and Peter are best friends and ya like him. Peter had begun to hangout with Y/N whenever you two could. However, no one ever notices her. Summary: When two enemies live together, things never get boring. Pairing: Peter Parker/black!Reader. You’re on your back, holding a book above your face. “You’re so lucky I haven’t removed that towel on my couch from the last time I patched you up,” You told him. ︱masterlist︱ pairing: Tasm!Spider-Man X reader . 172 8 6. Peter Parker is overprotective with reader. andrew garfield spider-man x reader; tasm peter parker x reader; Hurt/Comfort; Summary. In fact, it was another girl. Peter Parker x Fem!Reader Part five of the Improper series *Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3* Summary: Another thing you learn at Hogwarts is that smoke is never good, Peter was standing a little too close to you, and you never know who to trust, and no one is safe. Peter also had lowered his voice. Peter would have wanted you to save the mourning for after you win. *gif credit to owner*. Marvel Spider-Man | Reader Peter Parker | Adventure Fanfiction Romance Peter Parker Spiderman Fanfic. So here’s a fem reader insert in which the reader is a spiderling but she is a mutant born with her powers (pretty much all the same with her own quirk, and she produces her own webs, and doesn’t need the shooters like Peter does). With Ned was in similar attire while flexing his arms and posing like a bodybuilder. +18 more. Peter smiled at me. Stark needs me. Peter Parker x Female!Reader. Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, but they’re all tied to them differently. He’s always had a crush on you since, like, the third grade. Like half the fics out there. Part 2. Prompt: imagine finding out Peter is Spider-Man because he was late to your date (or even missed it) for the third time and you’re so frustrated with him you tell him that you can’t do this anymore and he’s begging you to forgive him and understand and you’re like “Understand what Peter? Your eyes suddenly went down to your feet, feeling regretful for confronting him in front of Michelle and Ned, who were your close friends as well, "I thought- I mean, I thought you couldn't hang because of the Stark thing. A/N: You have no idea how much I’ve been craving to write a Male x Peter thing, so I have. A/N: Reader and Peter HAVE another argument trying to get out. Words: 3,477 Previous . Peter Parker x Reader ~ DAD! You were sitting on the couch, with your precious boyfriend, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, or Spidey. She was exhausted, and he could tell. He tried to check on you as often as he could. ANOTHER CHANCE [masterlist] — peter parker x reader —. peter parker x reader peter parker x you peter parker x reader insert peter parker x avenger!reader peter parker x yn spider-man spiderman spider-man x reader spider-man x you spider-man x y/n tony stark x daughter!reader Avengers The Avengers avengers x reader avengers x you avengers x y/n avengers x platonic reader reblogging this again Spider-Man - All Media Types; . Summary. 1. 16: “I love you but if you say that one more time I will kick your ass. On the day your timer is supposed to go off, Spider-Man shows up at your window. A/N: Hey everyone! Peter x Reader. involves: crying, cuddling, disney, top tier boyfriend!peter, a clueless author trying her best to write about insomnia. Aw, arrows no. “Nice to meet you to (Y/N), Peter should be here . Warning: heart-warming fluff, very minimal swearing. Summary of the Series: You were given the ability to transform into a wolf, but you’re unfortunately captured and experimented on by a cynical madman. Word Count: 3815. Just so you know the character I was trying to potray. pairings: peter parker x reader a/n: so many people encouraged me to post this so thank u so much <3 the reader is female in this just because of the plot and stuff so im sorry to all of my non-female readers :( if y’all like this i’ll definitely write some more and try to make them gender neutral. HEYHIHELLO. A\N: This is the Civil War (Tom Holland) Spidey because let’s be honest, he is the perfect Spider-Man. Peter Parker X DEAF!Reader Headcanons///Part 1. ” Request: “Number 16 with Peter Parker please!” Original POst: on ssimagines. Word Count: 772 - Written by Kat - “I’m just saying,” you began, hopping onto the kitchen counter. romance. He’s done a lot of things he’s never done before recently. 53 Stories. And you replayed it all in your head. What you didn’t mention to your boyfriend was that this means going to his school. “Are you sure?”. He was my best friend. He was patrolling on the east side of the city when he had to rescue you from cat callers that decided to get a little aggressive after you “ignored” them. It was you. Pairing: Peter Parker x reader Soulmate AU. There's a deep ache in the space between Peter's ribs. “No, I’m okay. So Peter would pull you into his lap, your head resting against his chest. Words: 2. 15k-25k peter parker decides to take matters into his own hands and attempts to make you fall in love with yourself as he has with you. You. 4. During the day, the teens seem like the average nerds, but outside of school, they're known as spider queen and. His heart beats rapidly and palms start to get sweaty. We’re cooking,” you whined, pulling yourself from him. “Oh,” I nodded and held out my hand. Bees and birds. ?? He has a crush on you. “Turn back time,” spoke firmly, “right now. Peter Parker x Italian!Reader. You and Peter both cocked your heads, staring quizzically at the drain until a huge BOOM came from the water. 2]- ”Ned knew your well kept secret. You noticed Peter was hanging upside down from his webs with his suit on. You close your eyes and let out a shaky breath. “I’m Max,” Ned said, lowering his voice. 144K 4. Word Count: 1600 (this is the exact number like how awesome) Summary: Ned and Peter gives you a nickname. genre: fluffy, comfort. Well, maybe hatred was a bit too far. This request is kind of funny, hope you enjoy! You walk forward and wrap your arms around him. Original POst: on ssimagines. Ever since you found out Peter was . Though he didn't want to rush things so you have never. One minute you’re walking home, then the next you’re being pushed to the ground by a couple of goones, AND THENNNN they’re webbed to . Part 3. A/N: I’m first a Captain America and Agent Carter fan, and I wanted to recreate what makes their relationship so . She was scared to say the least, any 17 year old would be, after thinking about her situation all night. Peter Parker x Fem!Reader *Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3* Summary: You hate the idea of soulmate tattoo’s, probably because there’s a giant fricking spider on your hip that moves, as most soulmate tattoos do. This one was fun to write, but they don’t . pairing: Peter Parker (tasm!) x reader. 3K maybe more parts to come. Peter Parker x Stark!Reader ;3. But, for the life of him, Peter Parker could not explain his insatiable hatred for you. Search: Peter Parker X Reader Dad. Despite being saved by the Avengers and given a place to call home, you’re still having a difficult time grasping onto the basic concepts of being human. peter parker x reader peter parker imagine peter parker one shot peter parker blurb peter parker smut peter parker fluff the amazing spiderman fanfiction tasm peter parker x reader tasm peter parker tasm x reader the amazing spiderman oneshot the amazing spider man peter parker x y/n peter parker x you spiderman x you spiderman x reader . 1K 80. little bug is a badass. com. Anon Asked: Hi! I’m requesting a ps4!Miles x reader where after both are bitten by a radioactive spider, Miles starts to flip when he finds out he can do things Spider-Man can do and although the reader can do that too she tries to calm him down. My hands started shaking worse, my body trembling as I released a sob. [ [Spider-Man: No Way Home] Peter Parker X Reader (X Peter Parker 2) (X Peter Parker 3)] *SPOILERS* With Spider-Man's identity now revealed, Peter asks Doctor Strange for help. Sure Spider Boy Peter Parker X reader A/N heyy I actually haven’t signed into my account in about 2 months, sorry about that lol hope this short imagine makes up for it! Lemme know what you think about it and pls give me ideas lol Tagged: #Tom Holland #peter parker #x reader #reader insert #spider man #spiderman homecoming #imagine #preference #one shot #drabble #request #open #tags #masterlist #tag listing #fluff #angst #ships #shipping #exams #school #music #tags for likes #TAGS FOR REBLOGS #marvel #avengers #aunt may #may parker #tony stark #iron man word count: 536. Peter Parker x Male Reader. PETER PARKER IS A NERD! from spooky-spider-boi. ahoefortomholland. Wizard racism? Oh, and Peter being a hot little bitch. Spider-Man - All Media Types; . Apologies || Peter Parker x Reader. The Spider Tattoo (Peter Parker x Reader) Soulmate AU. she's now a senior, has. Peter has lost everything. The man was a teenage boy, he had the most perfect face, and he was wearing an incredibly tight shirt that showcased his abs. You said, opening the window all the way. For the third time this week, he had managed to forget you had plans and you were reconsidering whether you could be in a relationship with him anymore. " Michelle's eyebrow rose as Ned's furrowed after you said those words. Word Count: 1780. All of a sudden there was a boy you’ve never seen before talking to you, clearly knowing that you’re deaf. “Yeah, I was just doing some homecoming stuff. Originally posted by pure-sunflower. Having his way with so many women - being dubbed a playboy - a ladies-man, even. He said softly and your eyes met his, you gave him a small smile. He opens up his arms. In which Peter comforts reader after waking up to a panic attack caused by a heavy insomnia episode coming from his girlfriend. Summary: You and Peter always have one last kiss before he leaves. You didn’t really think he was going to kill you, because he had had a million opportunities over the years to do so, and you had clearly been far too trusting. Dusk Till Dawn (Peter Parker x Reader) Teaser/ Prologue. Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader. Originally posted by chrishemsworht. Peter asked, jogging behind his girlfriend. 9k] ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ SERIES. Originally posted by agent-spidey. ♡ love sewn* → peter just knows that he has you when he needs you the most. “Hey, no. Peter nodded and hummed his face leaning in getting closer to yours, a smile played on your lips before they touched his. hulk. Reader’s a hybrid (werewolf - witch). I know I shouldn’t make a new series but I’m inspired again. Peter struggles between school and hero life and is loosing hope until you come crashing into his life. Peter Parker X Oc Peter Parker Spider Man Steve Rogers Tanya Greyson Rogers Powers Tony Stark Iron Man Hulk. The Ned Talk [P. Sitting alone in the classes, he . Words: 1. (Peter Parker X READER) Some say Tony Stark is a conceited, egotistical, narcissistic jerk. Peter Parker (Spider-Man: Homecoming)/Female Reader. New. You find yourself in a different universe, and as if things couldn't get weirder, your (dead) best friend Peter is there, and he has absolutely no idea who you are. Liz shrugs and walks further toward the gym until she’s practically standing right next to him. Life takes another unexpected turn with the arrival of a new. peter parker / reader. 1K 51 Y/N L/N leads a pretty normal life: an A average student at Midtown High, well-liked, well rounded, etc. Hint: you might be pregnant . He’s never snapped at Karen before. Short Love - Request from @orionap Reader is short like 5'2 but Klaus loves her completely. You seemed so unhappy to see him. Y/N:I’ve gone inside so they don’t give our reservation away. when peter parker finds himself in a world that is so similar but different to his own, he also finds the one thing he had desired for the past few years: you. Let’s do something. You also decide to skip school, it's not like anybody was really going to care whether you showed up or not. Peter Parker x Reader All while you’re dealing with boy drama and partnering up with your friendly neighborhood Spider-man to fight crime. Peter hisses when the alcohol seeps into the wound, almost throwing his head back against the mirror in pain but your grip on his jaw keeps him in place. Peter Parker x Black!reader. ariagrillart: Summary: You adopt a litter of cats with Peter that he saved as Spider-man Reader type: Someone who isn’t allergic to cats/Is willing to down a bottle of Benadryl everyday to have cats Warnings: Mentions of dog fighting Word count: 2600 The Peter Parker I write about is a mix of many Peters and my own interpretation, so this should be friendly to fans of any Peter. “Y/N! Y/N! I have to show you something! Search: Peter Parker X Reader Dad. He held you close to him and you could feel his lips against your shoulder. Shortly followed by. Then one night, a group of the world's most feared assassins pop up in his backyard. Part 1. But he really, really disliked you. You grabbed his legs so Miles wasn’t the only one carrying him. Cw: Nothing but fluff. Ugh [Peter Parker] [Soulmate AU] Originally posted by red-hoocl. Peter Parker x Reader Warnings:Break-ins and bullet wounds“Baby do you have to go?”I asked Peter as he pulled his Spider-Man suit on,”I am sorry babe but Mr. It rang twice before going to his voicemail so I shrugged and shook my hair out of a ponytail as I walked into the diner. It went hand in hand with being New York’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. 3k. ) Apologies || Peter Parker x Reader. Reader goes and visits his little brother and then is confronted by Oliver, the horrible boyfriend to his mum. Pick up your phone dickhead xx. Peter Parker x Male!Reader. But they have never seen him with his daughter. Summary: Morgan has been awfully clingy lately. This is not my fanfictionCredit goes to the creatorhttps://marvelsswansong. Genre: Male!Android!Reader x Peter Parker/Spider-Man | Marvel (MCU) x Detroit: Become Human AU. Yeah, yeah, he’s had his sights on some other girls along the way but he was . Featuring: Peter Parker and you :), mentions Ned Leeds. With the world as he once knew changing around him, Peter finds himself lost and hopeless as he tries to navigate this new world. See a recent post on Tumblr from @marvelficsforguys about Peter Parker x male reader. Peter asks, nervously swinging his hall pass in his hands. Life for Peter is pretty normal (when he's not Spider-Man). Warnings: Body Shame, Hurtful Words, Bullies, Cursing etc. I couldn't just let him die. You put your back up against the wall, sliding down, pulling your knees up. Prophet || Peter Parker x Reader by dylan 80. Summary: “Not long after Tony Stark attends CyberLife’s Annual Investor & Shareholder Conference, the New Avenger’s Facility becomes freshly staffed by various CyberLife Androids. Oh boy the look of bewilderment that was on your face was definitely a sight. His crush for her became stronger and he decided he would finally tell her. ” Your words came out in a harsh whisper. Fiancée Secret (Series) - Request from @ deepprincesstraveler Reader is pregnant but Klaus doesn’t know since they broke up after he cheated. You tap the device on your hand, setting it to go back to the time you left. He kept his face hidden from (Name), so she wouldn't see his smile and guess that he was . He couldn’t wait to see you again so he could finally have a full two-way conversation. Language: English. Peter came into your room. Clingy [Peter Parker x Stark!Reader] Originally posted by schaferhunter. Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader Summary: Y/N has telekinetic powers, not that she has told Tony anything about them. When the woman exited the room, Peter was stunned she was wearing a pink bathrobe. Language: English Words: 6,525 Chapters: 4/4 Collections: 1 Comments: 4 Kudos: 135 . He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up and spinning you around the kitchen. Summary: Peter is helping you study for your Anatomy exam, but you’ve always learned better by doing. Falling for my Bestie (Kayce Dutton x reader fanfiction) Kayce’s childhood friend Y/n ends up pregnant with someone’s child who is in prison, Walker. Warnings: Cursing, protests and rallies, mentions of murder, a gun that is never shot, and some hair description for Y/N for plot purposes (but it should still be generic enough). Royal Mikealson - Klaus is married to a princess. Playful/failing to be serious requested by: This request is kind of funny, hope you enjoy! Source: www. On February 22, 2017 February 23, 2017 By writersmile In Peter Parker X Reader Shorts A/N — Keep in mind this is the Andrew Garfield version of Spider-Man that I had invisioned. It’s once he sees your confused face, he remembers that he met you as Spider-man, not Peter Parker. Discover more posts about tasm fic, andrew garfield spiderman, spider man x reader, andrew garfield x reader, tasm andrew garfield, peter parker fanfic, and Peter Parker x male reader. | 6k words You’re not competing with Peter Parker, that’s just ridiculous and you were not doing it. The teacher, bless her soul, simply got out the hazard sign and placed it on the floor, rolling her eyes before calling the janitor to come get rid of the chemicals. # 1. 9k. A look of surprise appeared on her face, but was replaced with a smile. When Peter wakes up . Not when the power to change reality is, quite literally, at your finger tips. “I always do,” you . Peter Parker Gets A Little Dark. You ask Pepper for advice and she has a theory. He walks to stand even closer to her and she lets him. Caught You (Peter x Reader) (One-Shot) There was a single rose was sitting in (Name)'s locker when she opened it on February 14. peter parker x reader | angst | blurb. ” Request: “Number 16 with Peter Parker please!” Go home, the voice in your head whispers. But the panic attack had been brewing for a while and you knew you couldn’t last much longer. you know what. Not major spoilers, the Peter Parker recruitment scene. “May is Peter’s aunt,”. No matter what MJ said. Warnings: language, mentions of death, sexual innuendos, . The door opened and I peered around Tony to see a woman his age. Prompt: imagine finding out Peter is Spider-Man because he was late to your date (or even missed it) for the third time and you’re so frustrated with him you tell him that you can’t do this anymore and he’s begging you to forgive him and understand and you’re like “Understand what Peter? Originally posted by heyits-spiderling Summary: poor peter parker is distraught cos you’ve got a thing for spider0man while he’s had a thing for you (Peter’s POV) Word Count: an easy peasy 1. But see, most soulmate tattoos aren’t huge fucking spiders . Spider-Girl: She's just a kid by Yahaveragemcugirl. Kidnapped daughter of tony . A/N: This is a kinda long lil imagine about reader being peter’s girlfriend but not knowing hes Spider-Man. Peter instinctively put his arm out in front of you. When she seen the man she was left awestruck. We hesitated, our foreheads pressed together before we were overcome with passion, our lips connected in a tangled frenzy, sparks flew as per usual and heated moans filled the room. A/N *IMPORTANT*: CACW SPOILERY CONTENT. Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader. 3M 88. You can change that if you want. “Peter, this is the third time this week you’ve—“ “Just play it, Karen!”. description: “If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with. Peter was a little suspicious, but seeing that you didn’t wince or spew the soup reassured him a little. That's Stark's Boy/ Peter Parker by CORPSE. You know. ‘Don’t worry, I am going to keep you safe’ he would whisper softly to you. When [Name] first met her soulmate, she was a freshman in high school. During the day he hung out with Y/N but at night it was Black Cat who got all of attention. Soul Stone clutched in your hand, you go back to the future.

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